Hello! Lets Get It Started.

Hello from Brittle Star Candy!

Since 2012, we have specialized in making some of the best candy possible! As a family operation, we started selling our Almond Brittle at the Morro Bay and Pismo Beach Farmers’ Market. Our customers really enjoyed our products and we then quickly expanded many aspects of our operation.

It is less than two weeks away till Christmas so we hope you order some of our brittle.  If you are visiting after eating some of our chocolate toffee at a winery than we would really enjoy some feedback and if your looking to order we have an online store for our brittle toffee (our toffee is also known as brittle). We are currently in the process of finding new accounts as well so if you are a winery owner, small business owner or any other entity then let us know by giving us an e-mail @ brittlestarcandy@yahoo.com and we can send you a free sample bag and references.

Also, check out our apparel store as well and order some of our latest Brittle Star Candy gear. Get them while you still can.