Candy Making in a Commercial Quality Kitchen

We love making candy!  Making pecan brittle is our passion. Our pecan brittle candy recipe is similar to our almond brittle candy recipe. We also make peanut brittle candy with our family’s favorite peanut brittle candy recipe.


We began making our old-fashioned peanut brittle in our own kitchen and gave away the best peanut brittle to our family and friends. Then we were selling a variety of brittle flavors at local farmers markets. Now we’ve been in business for a few years and our homemade brittle candy is made weekly in a commercial quality kitchen to ensure top quality and freshness.

We start with the freshest nuts from locally grown merchants, sourcing Peanuts, Almonds, Pecans, and sometimes Cashews, to create our delicious, mouth-watering brittle candy. After all, the best ingredients make the best brittle!

We hope you enjoy our candy and share it with your family and friends. Of course, we can’t blame you if you keep it all for yourself – once you open a package it’s hard to stop!

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