Chocolate Almond Brittle or Chocolate Pecan Brittle: How Does a Lover Choose?

Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love for your Sweetheart and nothing says it better than chocolate! But how do you choose between our favorite chocolate almond brittle or chocolate pecan brittle?

Both of our recipes use the freshest nuts from locally grown merchants, organic butter from our California suppliers, pure cane sugar, and of course the best chocolate source in the country!


Our homemade chocolate almond brittle recipe is one you are sure to love! We make small weekly batches to ensure the freshest candy and the utmost quality so you can give our luscious buttery almond brittle topped with creamy milk chocolate to your Valentine and put a smile on their face.

Don’t forget our homemade chocolate pecan brittle recipe, too! Make your valentine feel extra special when you give him or her our fantastic combination of savory pecan brittle topped with creamy milk chocolate! Yummy!

So how do you choose which valentine’s day candy to give to your sweetheart? You don’t have to choose! Give both!!

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