Summertime and the Candy is Sweet

I love candy! So much that I am making it for you! Brittle Star Candy Company is proud to offer our top sellers so you can enjoy our mouth-watering treats. Delicious nuts smothered in a seductive butter & sugar concoction that can only be described as amazing!

Awesome Almond Brittle and Chocolate Almond Brittle – Our old family recipe is chock full of premium almonds and coupled with luscious buttery brittle to create this crunchy delight, or topped with creamy milk chocolate to create this scrumptious treat.

Exquisite Pecan Brittle and Chocolate Pecan Brittle – A fantastic combination of premium pecans and sweet, savory brittle crafted from our old family recipe that’s sure to melt in your mouth and put a smile on your face, or topped with creamy milk chocolate for an extra-special treat anytime of the year!

Incredible Old-Fashioned Peanut Brittle – A sweet and salty sensation made from our original family recipe that combines fresh peanuts and a smooth, buttery brittle into an old-fashioned candy that’s nutty and delicious! You’ll want to eat more nuts!

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